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Radiation Safety Counseling Institute
Providing Understanding and Assurance of Radiation Safety Through Counseling, Workshops, and Training
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Staff and Advisory Board

We began in 2010 as a small group of professionals with an interest in helping people deal with issues and concerns for nuclear technology and radiation safety. While answers to concerns on radiation safety are partly about understanding nuclear technology, we feel that the most helpful answers also involve understanding and responding to people’s fears of consequences of exposure to radiation. Our staff include certified health physicists (career specialists in radiation safety to address technology issues), professional counselors (to address fears and feeling issues), and specialists in neurosciences (to address issues of risk communication and how people make decisions about safety). We are a resource to help people make their own defensible decisions on radiation safety.

Principal Staff
Advisory Board

W. Larry Petcovic, MS

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Larry is the Executive Director of
3rd Order Communications

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Larry Petcovic, MS

Ray Johnson, MS, SE, PE, FHPS, CHP

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Ray is VP Training Programs,
Dade Moeller & Associates, Radiation Safety Academy

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Ray Johnson, CHP

Judson Kenoyer, MS, FHPS, CIH, CHP

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Judson is Project Manager,
   Sr HP, Sr IH,
Dade Moeller & Associates

Judson Kenoyer, CIH, CHP

Dave Wiedis, Esq, MS

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Dave is Executive Director of
ServingLeaders Ministries

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Dave Wiedis, Esq

James R. Morgan, Mdiv, DMin

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Jim Morgan, DMin

Greg Johnson, MBA

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Greg is Owner,
VirtuPRO Business Solutions

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Greg Johnson, MBA
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