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Radiation Safety Counseling Institute
Providing Understanding and Assurance of Radiation Safety Through Counseling, Workshops, and Training
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Counseling Radiation Workers

3 Day Course US$ 1095

This workshop is intended to provide HPs, RPMs, RSOs, managers, and administrative staff with a clear understanding of radiation health risks and strategies to communicate that understanding to workers, especially those who may be near retirement age.This workshop will prepare attendees for counseling workers and their families on the long-term potential for radiation effects that may be related to their occupational or medical radiation exposures. We will review the biological and technical basis for radiation risk assessment and probability of causation, including risk models, measures of risk, and radiation epidemiology studies based on references from BEIR, NCRP, ICRP, UNSCEAR, RERF, NRPB, EPA, and NRC. We will also review the history of liability cases involving radiation.

CounselingWe will assess attendee’s communication styles with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which will identify each person’s communication strengths and areas needing development. Each person will receive a solid technical understanding of radiation risks and the communication tools for effectively presenting that information to others.

This workshop was originally designed for workers at nuclear power plants and has since been broadened to include all categories of radiation workers. The instructors are specialists in radiation risk communication and in radiation risk assessments.

Course Credits

AAHP - 32.00 CE Credits
ABIH - 3.84 CM Points
Upon completion of course, participants receive appropriate certification.

Special Features

Comprehensive training manual and workbook – Students will receive an extensive 700+ page workshop manual.

Course Agenda

Day 1

7:30 Free Continental Breakfast

8:00 Introductions, Overview, and Course Objectives

8:15  Understanding Radiation Risk Perceptions

10:00  Biological and Technical Basis for Risk Assessment and Probability of Causation Calculations

12:00  Lunch (provided)

1:00  Performing Risk Assessment and Probability of Causation Calculations

4:00  Probability of Causation and Risk Assessment References and Their Use

5:00  Adjourn

Day 2

7:30 Free Continental Breakfast

8:00  Presentation of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Results

10:00  Insights on Communication Styles and Source of Misunderstandings

12:00  Lunch (provided)

1:00  MBTI Insights on Sources of Radiation Fears and Addressing Concerns

3:00  Practical Applications of MBTI for Dealing With Radiation Workers and the Public, and Effective Radiation Risk Communications

5:00  Adjourn

Day 3

7:30 Free Continental Breakfast

8:00 Review of MBTI Insights and Practical Applications for Radiation Risks

9:00 Legal Implications for Use of Probability of Causation Tables and Risk Assessment Calculations

10:00 Practical Application of Risk Communication Techniques for Addressing Specific Issues of Concern to Radiation Workers

11:45 Course Evaluation

12:00 Adjourn

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