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Radiation Safety Counseling Institute
Providing Understanding and Assurance of Radiation Safety Through Counseling, Workshops, and Training
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Ray Johnson, MS, SE, PE, FHPS, CHP

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Director, Radiation Safety Counseling Institute  (301-370-8573)


2007–pres Director, Radiation Safety Counseling Institute, workshops, training and counseling for individuals, companies, universities or government agencies with concerns or questions about radiation safety. Specialist in helping people understand radiation, risk communication, worker counseling, psychology of radiation safety, and dealing with fears of radiation and nuclear terrorism for homeland security.

2007-2012 VP, Training Programs, Dade Moeller & Associates, training and consulting in radiation safety.

1984-2007 Director of Radiation Safety Academy, Inc. Providing x-ray and radiation safety training, audits, and consulting to industry (nuclear gauges and x-ray), universities, research facilities, and professional organizations. Specialist in helping people understand radiation, risk communication, worker counseling, and dealing with fears of radiation and nuclear terrorism for homeland security.

1988-2006 Manager and Contractor to National Institutes of Health (NIH) for radiation safety audits of 3,500 research laboratories and 2,500 instrument calibrations a year, along with environmental monitoring, hot lab and analytic lab operations, and accelerators and x-ray inspections.

1990-2005 President of Key Technology, Inc. a manufacturer and primary laboratory for radon analysis with over 1,500,000 measurements since 1985. Primary instructor at Rutgers University 1990-1998 for radon, radiation risks, radiation instruments, and radon risk communication courses.

1986-1988 Laboratory Director, RSO, Inc. Directed analytical programs and QA for samples from N.I.H., Aberdeen Proving Ground, radiopharmaceutical companies, and the nuclear industry.

1970-1985 Chief, Radiation Surveillance Branch, EPA, Office of Radiation Programs. Directed studies of radiological quality of US, coordinated 7 Federal agencies for nuclear fallout events, QA officer 8 years. Head of US delegations to I.A.E.A and N.E.A. on radioactive waste disposal. ANSI N-13, (1975-1985). Retired PHS Commissioned Officer (0-6) in 1985 with 29 years of service.

1963-1970 U.S.P.H.S. Directed development of radiation monitoring techniques at DOE National Labs, nuclear plants, and shipyards in the US and Chalk River Nuclear Laboratory in Canada.

Health Physics and Professional Activities

Health Physics Society (HPS) plenary member 1966; President-elect, President, Past President (1998-2001), Fellow (2000), Treasurer (1995-1998); Secretary (1992-1995); Executive Cmte. (1992-2001), Chair, Finance Cmte. (1996-1998); Head of U.S. delegation to IRPA X (2000). RSO Section Founder and Secretary/Treasurer (1997-2000); Co-founder and President, Radon Section (1995-1996). Co-Chair Local Arrangements Cmte. Annual Meeting in DC (1991); Public Info. Cmte. (1985-1988); Summer School Co-Chair (2004); Chair, President’s Emeritus, Cmte (2006); Chair, Awards Cmte. (2002); Chair, History Cmte. (2005-2012); Historian (2012-Pres.) Continuing Education Cmte. (2005-2012). Academic Dean for HPS Professional Development School on Radiation Risk Communication (2010) and Radiation Instruments School (2014). PEP, CEL and Journal Reviewer. AAHP Instructor; Treasurer, AAHP (2008 – 2011). AAHP President-elect, President, Past President (2012-2015). Baltimore-Washington Chapter: President (1990-1991) and Honorary Life Member; Newsletter Editor (1983-2005); Public Info. Chair (1983-1991), Science Teacher Workshop Leader (1995 – Pres.). New England Chapter HPS, Newsletter Editor, Board of Directors, Education Chair (1968-1972). President, American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (1995-1998) and Honorary Life Member, Charter Member; Board of Directors; Newsletter Editor (1990-1993). Founder and first President, National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) (1997-1999). Member of American Industrial Hygiene Association (1997-Pres.) (Secretary, Vice Chair, Chair, Ionizing Radiation Committee, 2009-2012), Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (1997-Pres.), Studied H.P. communication styles and presented Myers-Briggs seminars to over 3500 H.P.s since 1984. Over 35 professional society awards. Licensed Professional Engineer since 1965. Certified Health Physicist since 1983.


Authored over 500 book chapters, articles, professional papers, training manuals, technical reports, and presentations on radiation safety. Author of monthly column, “Insights in Communication” HPS Newsletter 1984 - 1989, 1994 -2001 and 2012 - 2013.

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