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Radiation Safety Counseling Institute
Providing Understanding and Assurance of Radiation Safety Through Counseling, Workshops, and Training
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Failures of Plaintiff’s Experts in Radiation Litigation.  A 15-minute technical presentation to about 200 at the HPS Midyear Meeting,  Austin, TX .  February 3, 2016.  Included a handout of 5 pages.

Oilfield Worker NORM Safety – A Few Observations.  A six page paper written for general information. May 28, 2015.

Review of Dickinson College’s Radon Testing and Mitigation Program – An 8 page expert report prepared for legal counsel at Dickinson College, November. 24, 2014. No deposition or trial testimony.

A Review of Radon Health Risk Concerns Raised by Plaintiffs in the Case of Casale v. Segal & Morel, Written as an expert witness for Patton Boggs, LLP, Defense Attorney, Newark, NJ. February 19, 2013, 21 pages plus attachments of 27 pages. Prepared three pages of questions for deposition of plaintiff’s expert. No deposition or trial testimony.

A Review of Radiation and Radon Measurement Data and Reports Provided by Mr. Wm. Wade Smith, Dr. D. Scott Simonton, and Dr. Charles M. Werntz, III for the Hagy Project. A 9 page report written as an expert witness for defense legal counsel. March 7, 2012. Plaintiffs claimed injuries related to nearby hydraulic fracturing site. Prepared six pages of questions to be used in deposing plaintiff’s experts. Gave a deposition to plaintiff’s attorney. No trial testimony

Discussion Notes Prepared as an Expert Witness for the Defense, to Johns Anderson, Esq, in the case of James Dykes v. Moravek Biochemical, Inc. December 3, 2002. 28 pages. Dykes sued for wrongful dismissal and claimed Moravek Biochemical released radioactive material into the environment. No deposition. Gave testimony at trial. Hung jury resulted in later settlement out of court.

Expert Witness Report on Radon and Radiation Risks for Housing Development near Denver, CO. Prepared for plaintiff DCB Investment Company of Dallas, TX suing Mission Viejo Company of Highlands Ranch, CO for failure to disclose high radon and radiation levels as impediments to sale of a large tract of land for housing development near Denver, CO in 1996. Gave an all-day deposition to defense attorneys. No trial testimony. Suit settled out of court.

Trial Testimony for Plaintiffs Peter and Sue Ann Radakovich Suing Three Real Estate Agencies for Failure to Disclose High Radon Levels At Time of Sale of Home. April 1996. No deposition. Gave trial testimony. Jury found in favor of plaintiffs and the three real estate companies were fined $10,000 each.


Resources and Documents for Radiation Safety Assurance

Raymond Johnson, MS, PE, FHPS, CHP, has authored hundreds resource documents including training course materials, book chapters, technical reports, and presentations on radiation safety counseling, risk communication, and radiation safety. Some of the materials authored by Ray can be provided upon request. Some are materials developed for specific clients and cannot be distributed. Some of these materials are also the manuals for classes and would normally only be provided to class registrants. If you see something of interest let us know and we will provide copies to you where we can.

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Radiation Litigation - Expert Witness

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